Is Independent Living For You?

Enjoy living your life following your own schedule but without the responsibility of home maintenance. If you don’t need rigid day-to-day assistance, Independent Living gives you the chance to continue to engage in your own activities while all your needs are still taken care of.

Independent Living Services:

  • Professionally regulated menu
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Transportation service
  • Others as determined your needs

With fine features, distinctive amenities and attentive service, you will feel right at home in your well-appointed accommodations.


Is Independent Living for you? 

  • You want a place to continue to follow your own schedule and activities but not worry about home maintenance and yard work
  • You want the company of same-age friends and broaden your social horizon
  • You want to occasionally enjoy activities and meals with friends
  • You want the security of having assistance when you need it
  • You want the option of having activities that keep you active


The Westchester Villa Approach

Life enriching opportunities

We desire to continue to engage you with your interests, passions and purposes. Westchester Villa is committed to professionally-regulated fitness programs, as well as movie and game nights. We also have themed activities, special events and customized activities via special arrangements.



Questions to consider

Is it becoming more difficult to connect with family and friends?

Are you family and friends busy or away from you and driving to see them is taking a toll? Do you have your own activities you want to continue doing? Do you want to occasionally have some people around you just to avoid feeling isolated or break the monotony? Independent living will allow you all these.

Is maintaining your current home becoming a burden?

While you enjoy the home you have built and maintained, but the daily upkeep may be taking too much of the energy you would rather be devoting to something else. Trade the work and expense of house maintenance for a well-appointed residence that serves you.

How is your health?

Do you now require some health maintenance? Maybe it’s light maintenance or maybe it requires someone to help you. Either way, you may want to consider independent living as it guarantees professional assistance when you need them.


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